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A caricature is a humorous portrait, it’s an opportunity to smile, looking at yourself from outside. It’s an invigorating positive, a nice present and one of the best ways to express love to a close person, respect to a colleague etc. Finally, a caricature is a funny unexpected surprise!

As a caricature artist, I prefer a warm, kind, mischievous and a slightly ironical picture of a person. I am against black humor, biting intensification of shortcomings of a person. But even on the caricature a person should look nice and undoubtedly recognizable.

In the main I depict all works on the graphic drawing-paper, what gives an opportunity to introduce changes into the picture on any stage of the work, to work with logotypes, texts and textures. Besides you can circulate the final result many times, what is very convenient by the order of group caricatures or as a present for different persons. But I also paint in traditional method on paper in water-colour and acryl-colour.

Though a caricature is a funny thing, I take my work very responsibly and seriously. I can’t stand unfinished works and breaking date. It’s a mark for which every respected master strives.


What are the ways of delivery of a caricature? »

What are the ways of delivery of a caricature?

1. Online delivery. A very convenient variant for inhabitants of any point of the world. Wherever you lived, ready-made picture will be sent to you through a channel in the Internet and you will only transfer it on paper, canvas, a T-shirt or on any other material. (If you can’t do it yourself, you’ll find help at the nearest photo studio)

How to order a caricature? »

How to order a caricature?

1. Fill in the application, fasten the photo (a smiling face is without fail) and learn the price of the order.

2. During a day your order will be considered and I’ll send you a preliminary sketch of the work for agreement on your E-mail.

3. Pay 100 percent of the price in a convenient for you way.

4. Confirm your pay with the letter on portret26@list.ru.

5. After 2-3 days you’ll get ready-made work to your E-mail.

Your address and all information got from you are strictly confidential, they are not for transmission, spreading and they will be destroyed after fulfilment of the order.

How much is a caricature? »

How much is a caricature?

  • One-man caricature (1 person) — $60.00
  • Double caricature (2 person) — $70.00
  • Family caricature (3-4 persons) — $90.00
  • Group caricature (from 5 persons) — (is discussed individual)

What are the ways to pay? »

What are the ways to pay?

1. PayPal.
2. Visa.
3. Webmoney.

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